Anthony Giacchino’s Colette wins Oscar
Anthony Giacchino's Colette

Anthony Giacchino’s Colette wins Oscar

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The video game segment won its first Oscar awards in 2021.

Anthony Giacchino’s Colette, a short documentary, won its first Oscar, which documents the course of the last surviving members of the French Resistance of World War II to the concentration camp where her brother was killed.

The short documentary’s journey to Oscar has been possible because of the support of many game studios, like Oculus VR, Respawn Entertainment, and EA.

“At its core, the Medal of Honor franchise is about authenticity—using both the interactive and cinematic nature of video games to make history come alive in some small way. These were real people, thrust into extraordinary circumstances. It’s an honor and a privilege to help preserve their stories and our shared historical legacy for future generations.” – Peter Hirschmann, Writer and director Medal of Honor.

“From constantly evolving game mechanics, art styles that challenge technical constraints, immersive sound design, and emotionally engaging narratives that capture your imagination and completely immerse you in the experience, games offer up some of the best writing, acting, music, and animation around.” – Mike Doran, Oculus Studios Director of Production. 

Video games are constantly chasing cinematic standards, and it is exceptional to see the industry promoting independent filmmakers telling meaningful stories and being rightly lauded for doing so. 

The involvement of Oculus is exciting, which is pioneering VR film making, and they are already racking up the VR video space.

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