3D and VR platform startup Interplay receives $18 million funding for VR training platform
VR training platform

3D and VR platform startup Interplay receives $18 million funding for VR training platform

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Interplay, a startup building a 3D and VR platform for trade workers, has stated that it has received $18 million in funding. According to the company, it will utilize the funding to further develop its products and expand into new markets.

Interplay, which was founded by Steve Quirk and Doug Donovan in 2016, provides VR and online training for various skilled trades. Its digital learning simulations span HVAC, facilities maintenance, plumbing, electrical, and solar subject matter, giving customers hands-on training.

The platform built by Interplay delivers a menu of courses among engagement and measurement tools. Simulation walkthrough videos have specialists leading users through step-by-step guides and supplemental learning content such as wiring diagrams, example system configurations, charts, equations, etc., following each session.

Interplay with each course guides learners through the characteristic process. The platform then offers a randomly generated error in a system with some guardrails excluded. In the last stage, users are not told what fault they are operating on. Rather, they have to depend on earlier training, using the diagnostic process learned throughout the course.

Interplay’s platform supports tablets, smartphones, PCs, and VR headsets. The platform allows roadmaps or learning paths designed to support teams learn new skills. It enables managers to view the top learners depending on education credits earned.

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