Yaw2 VR Motion Simulator Breezes Past Its Kickstarter Goal
Yaw2 VR Motion Simulator Breezes

Yaw2 VR Motion Simulator Breezes Past Its Kickstarter Goal

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The developers of the Yaw2 smart chair are aiming to make the VR experiences of today even more immersive, and they seem to be on the right track as they just went way past their Kickstarter fundraiser’s original goal.

The product’s predecessor, the original Yaw gaming chair, also came out of the victorious end of its Kickstarter endeavor.

You can head over to the official Yaw2 Kickstarter page for more details on the product. With a motion range of 40 degrees, the chair can pitch up to 70 degrees, and you can get a 360-degree rotation if you add the Yaw Platform to the chair.

The product is designed to add further immersion to games and can be used either with a VR headset or with a screen. It has built-in vibration capabilities to make you feel that you are actually a part of the virtual environment. Furthermore, the chair also bridges a critical gap with VR experiences which makes people feel uncomfortable as their eyes witness movement in real-time while their body is still.

Reducing nausea for players has been a significant concern for game developers, and they’ve tweaked the gameplay in several ways, from changing the framerate to darkening the borders of the player’s vision when they move. But none have so far tried making the players actually move during the game.

Yaw2 compels the player to move during the game, thereby addressing the vital issue of feeling sick while playing in VR.

You can reserve a Yaw2 motion simulator at the pledge value of  $1,090. The chair and the platform are an additional $100 and $380 over this base pledge.

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