Porsche and holoride Launch a Virtual Reality Attraction at the Porsche Experience Center
Virtual Reality Attraction at the Porsche Experience Center

Porsche and holoride Launch a Virtual Reality Attraction at the Porsche Experience Center

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Automaker Porsche and the entertainment tech startup, holoride, have collaborated on a new location-based virtual reality installation at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles.

After a series of partnerships, this is holoride’s first such commercial installation to deliver an insight into the evolving space of rear-facing entertainment within a vehicle. The pilot program with the Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Los Angeles will allow the company to evaluate customer demand and the technical stability of the system. It will help prepare for potential deployment to other public economic centers worldwide.

The system connects real-time physical feedback inside a moving vehicle with a VR headset to provide the passengers with a fully immersive journey through space as if they are in a spacecraft. It also incorporates audio and visual effects adapted to the vehicle’s motion.

holoride harnesses several data points from the Porsche Cayenne, such as steering, acceleration, and braking, to tailor the experience in sync with the car’s motion. Matching what passengers see and feel with virtually no delay also helps to reduce motion sickness.

“Porsche stands for emotional and dynamic customer experiences, and the joint pilot project with holoride is an insight into how these experiences can translate into a digital future. The new facility at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles is the next step in our partnership, which we intend to continue into the future,” said Zabih Arya, Director of Strategy and Digital Business, Porsche Cars North America.

The experience also features an original game, Cosmic Chase, co-developed with Schell Games in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It takes the passengers on a spaceship with a group of recruits who make up the Earth Alliance, tasked with battling the alien Cymex.

“We are collaborating with Porsche Cars North America to give passengers the pleasure of high-speed driving, along with a highly immersive virtual reality experience. We are excited to bring a new kind of attraction to the automotive and entertainment crowds in the greater Los Angeles area. This attraction is a great example of how the Car Experience Centers to exciting destinations the whole family can enjoy and where no one is left behind.” said Nils Woolney, CEO and co-founder of holoride.

With this first commercial installation, holoride is taking another step to make its technology more accessible for a broader audience. The collaboration between Porsche and holoride first began in 2019 for the Startup Autobahn, Europe’s largest innovation platform.

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