Avantis Systems Wins a €300K Contract to Deliver VR Tech for Schools in Malta
VR Tech for Schools in Malta

Avantis Systems Wins a €300K Contract to Deliver VR Tech for Schools in Malta

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The provider of classroom-focused technology products and services, Avantis Systems, has won a contract from the Government of Malta to provide virtual reality headsets and software to schools. The €300,000 contract also includes a five-year service level agreement.

Avantis delivers classroom technology and educational content uniquely developed for educational institutions. Its ‘ClassVR’ platform incorporates everything, including hardware, software, curriculum-linked activities, and lesson plans, required to deliver virtual reality lessons within schools.

Teachers have complete control over the resources available to their students at the click of a button. The solution also comes with a portable VR storage case to keep headsets charged and safe when they are not in use.

As per the documentation released by the authorities, Avantis was the only company to bid for the contract. However, the exact number of virtual reality devices to be delivered has not been specified yet.

Avantis is primarily based in the UK but also has operations in Malta, where it offers technical support services to its educational clients.

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