BMW Launches AR Experience to Provide a Closer Look at Its New Electric Vehicles
BMW AR experience

BMW Launches AR Experience to Provide a Closer Look at Its New Electric Vehicles

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The leading global automaker, BMW, unveiled a new AR experience to provide its potential customers with a closer look at its new electric vehicles. The augmented reality-powered initiative will help the company’s customers experience the cars virtually without visiting a dealership.

It enables users to place BMW i4 or iX into any real-world environment digitally. Customers can also open and close the car doors, change the exterior paint scheme of the car, alter the lighting elements, and more. The company has tried to create an incredible interactive experience to bring its customers closer to the product.

BMW partnered with Google Cloud for the project’s implementation. It allows the company to deliver a photorealistic experience for users to get up close to the vehicles. It also highlights fine details, such as interior stitching or leather grain.

The AR experience is not intended to be a replacement for visiting the dealership to make a purchase. Instead, it is a tool that enables the customers to engage with the product in an innovative way without having a salesperson stand over their head.

BMW’s AR experience focuses on its two new electric vehicles, which will launch in the US in the first quarter of 2022. The BMW iX is an all-electric SUV packed with technology and power, starting at $84,195. The second car, i4 Gran Coupe sedan, starts at $56,395.

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