DNSO Deploys VR Tech for De-escalation Training
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DNSO Deploys VR Tech for De-escalation Training

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To assist in the development of strategic communications and de-escalation techniques, the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office has employed advanced VR training technology. As per a Facebook post, the deployment of the new technology is aimed at enhancing the personnel’s decision-making skills.

Using wrist sensors, VR headsets, and simulated duty gear, a deputy is sent into a virtual calibration room that looks like a typical law enforcement training area. The deputy is then assigned an avatar that they can move as per their liking. The deputy is sent in instructions through the integrated headphones similar to an on-field situation.

The virtual environment presents them with an infinite number of challenges while they are being guided by a nearby instructor who is communicating with the deputy. The instructor also controls how the scenario spans out and brings a very personal feel to the interaction with law enforcement.

“After interacting with the scenario, options utilized by the deputy can be reviewed through discussion and even replaying what happened,” the DNSO said. “A monitor is set up in the next room so that trainees waiting to participate can see what’s happening, supporting different learning styles.”

The department is still in process of figuring out the optimum utilization of the technology and expects to have it in full service by the end of this month.

The technology is being manufactured by InVeris Training Solutions and is part of an ongoing training opportunity as a direct result of collaboration with the CA Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.

“Del Norte County will soon be at the forefront of this type of training,” the Facebook post stated.

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