Arcturus Releases Updates to Its HoloSuite Platform, Including a New ‘Blend’ Tool

Arcturus Releases Updates to Its HoloSuite Platform, Including a New ‘Blend’ Tool

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Arcturus, the leading provider of volumetric video editing and streaming tools, has released several updates for its HoloSuite platform.

The new updates include a beta feature developed to connect volumetric video clips and blend them. The new features will enable content creators to populate full virtual production scenes with real people, create live-action branching narratives without gaps, and develop novel experiences for the metaverse using people instead of relying on CG avatars.

“Volumetric video isn’t just offering content creators new ways to do old things better; with the right tools, it offers possibilities that simply weren’t there before,” said Kamal Mistry, CEO of Arcturus.

The newest version of the platform features the first beta release of the ‘Blend’ tool. Utilizing Blend, HoloSuite users can join other related clips to a volumetric video clip of a live-action performance to produce an unnoticeable transition between segments. A recording of a photorealistic subject moving and interacting that keeps repeating can be made by artists by using Blend to loop the end of a clip back to its beginning.

Arcturus said that instead of needing to produce innumerable digidoubles or attempt to force 2D video into a 3D environment, artists can now take a blended volumetric video clip and place it in a digital environment to populate a virtual scene with live-action 3D performances. By enabling users to create live-action branching narratives without detectable transitions between video tracks, Blend will also provide creators with a novel method to experiment with new types of digital storytelling, create augmented and virtual reality experiences, and more.

Arcturus will continue the beta testing over the coming months while collaborating with current HoloSuite customers and clients to polish Blend’s capabilities and guarantee compatibility and stability. Blend will complete its beta phase and become a standard feature. The beta will be open to all current HoloSuite customers.

HoloSuite has undergone several other modifications and improvements along with the new beta tool. OMS playback has been improved, providing better viewing capabilities for volumetric video files inside the game engine for Unity users who use the HoloSuite plugin. There will soon be more Unreal Engine 5 OMS playback support available.

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