Bakers find training solutions in VR and AR
Baking Industry

Bakers find training solutions in VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been the most promising for entertainment; different industries have noticed their value and are working to bring it to their advantage. One such sector is the baking industry.

“There is a growing talent gap between our highly-automated systems and the plant personnel who can maintain them. Such tools will allow highly qualified personnel to work with multiple machines or locations more quickly and efficiently.” – Jack Kilbride, VP of systems and automation, Zeppelin Systems USA.

AR and VR both offer interactive environments. According to industry experts, in a commercial bakery, the immersive environment could look like an operator using a smartphone camera to view useful information such as guidebooks. Bakers can leverage AR and VR for bakery training, especially for industrial equipment. Immersive technologies can also help with cost savings by either speeding up the training process or reducing downtime on the production floor.

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