DPVR Unveils New Plug-And-Play 4G/5G Module for Its Virtual Reality Headsets
DPVR New Plug-And-Play 4G 5G Module

DPVR Unveils New Plug-And-Play 4G/5G Module for Its Virtual Reality Headsets

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The Shanghai-based virtual reality device maker, DPVR, has unveiled a 4G/5G module for its all-in-one virtual reality headsets to expand access to the technology for remote areas.

The module is designed to cater to the global enterprise market for integrations with several functional verticals, such as education, training, healthcare, and more. It can facilitate the use of virtual reality headsets for applications that require remote or mobile usage.

The external module will fit with the company’s all-in-one VR headsets and support 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G bands worldwide. To make the operation even more straightforward, it features plug-and-play functionality, requiring users to insert a local SIM card to access the grid to enter any VR environment.

The 4G and 5G capabilities open up several opportunities to facilitate outdoor usage of the product. For instance, a beekeeper training program from South Africa-based VR company XR Global has deployed the module.

“Many African regions do not have reliable access to Wi-Fi connectivity. Since beekeeper training projects carry certain risks, the 4G/5G module and VR all-in-one headset prove invaluable to use in the field, where trainee beekeepers may not have access to Wi-Fi. The DPVR devices are well suited to such an environment, as they not only ensure access to data networks but also help to lower the risks of beekeeping training, which is something that has been well received by local users,” said Bryan Crosswhite, CEO at XR Global.

The pandemic has forced many companies to transition to mobile offices or remote working environments. This has led to issues with inadequate internet connectivity hampering the work operations. The ability to connect a headset directly to a 4G or 5G network can provide numerous new opportunities for using VR in the field.

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