CGI Unveils an AR-powered Platform to Provide Situational Awareness to Emergency Responders
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CGI Unveils an AR-powered Platform to Provide Situational Awareness to Emergency Responders

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The leading IT and business consulting services provider, CGI, has unveiled ‘CGI Sense360,’ a cloud-based, smart analytics platform that uses Augmented Reality to provide emergency responders holistic and accurate situational awareness.

As per CGI, the platform leverages comprehensive data sources and augmented reality to create a visual situation overview that enables organizations to organize and accelerate rescue operations efficiently.

Irrespective of the cause of the disaster, having and providing access to correct information is vital to facilitate safe and successful rescue efforts. CGI Sense360 creates a holistic overview of a disaster by collecting information from various sources, such as satellites, drones, maps, infrastructure, geospatial, weather, environmental data, online databases, blogs, and social media.

The platform also incorporates an integrated and secure communications system that uses AR, situational images, and other data to develop a visual overview that can be shared with emergency responders in a context-aware manner.

The Germany-based international aid organization I.S.A.R. (International Search and Rescue) has been a project partner facilitating the design and development of CGI Sense360. I.S.A.R. is also certified by the United Nations as a facilitator for international rescue operations.

“We provide international assistance in humanitarian missions; for example, after natural disasters and accidents or in war zones,” said Dr. Steven Bayer, Project Coordinator at I.S.A.R. 

He explained that the real-time availability of detailed situation images and current data is vital to running efficient, rapid rescue measures. The CGI Sense360 can play an indispensable role as a cloud-based data analytics platform to support rescue and relief efforts worldwide.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has supported the platform’s development. CGI space experts have collaborated closely with the ESA for about 40 years. The company’s ongoing projects include developing a centralized ‘pooling and sharing’ system to power secure satellite communications.

CGI will continue to develop the Sense360 solution for diverse situational awareness applications, including militaries, police forces, fire departments, and other organizations with critical infrastructure.

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