Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning to Enable 106 Institutions to Deliver VR Soft Skills Training

Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning to Enable 106 Institutions to Deliver VR Soft Skills Training

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Meta Immersive Learning and Bodyswaps, a provider of immersive learning software to enable students to practice soft skills in virtual reality (VR) with AI-enabled analytical feedback, have released the final list of higher and further education institutions that will take part in their fully immersive pilot program.

The VR learning platform created by Bodyswaps provides training in soft skills with lifelike simulations and AI-enabled feedback. Users can develop the communication, teamwork, and leadership skills necessary to be successful in a global job market while practicing their soft skills in virtual reality without feeling self-conscious.

Bodyswaps claims that 106 colleges and universities worldwide will have access to virtual reality hardware and software with three months of limitless access to the entire Bodyswaps soft skills learning library. Meta will assist by donating hardware like Meta Quest 2 VR headsets.

The program aims to enhance accessibility to engrossing learning technologies in the educational setting and help students develop the soft skills necessary to compete and stand out in a global job market.

According to Bodyswaps, the grantees will have access to a range of courses, such as ones on diversity and inclusion, public speaking, and employability training, to assist them in improving their soft skills, which the pandemic may have hampered.

The grant will also provide funding for a research project run by Thomas More University of Applied Sciences that will show how metaverse technologies may affect education by using information gathered from the university’s staff and students.

“Immersive technologies represent an immense opportunity to improve education for traditionally underserved populations. This grant, the largest of its kind ever, will demonstrate the impact VR learning can have at scale and show the way for a more human-centric and equalitarian future for education,” said Christophe Mallet, CEO and Co-founder of Bodyswaps.

To support the next generation of metaverse creators, fund top-notch enthralling experiences that could revolutionize how people learn, and broaden access to learning through technology, Meta is investing $150 million through Meta Immersive Learning.

Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning are collaborating to show institutions that might not have had access to the possibilities for learning in the metaverse.

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