Manchester City and Sony Partner to Build a Metaverse for the Club’s Fans

Manchester City and Sony Partner to Build a Metaverse for the Club’s Fans

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Manchester City, the reigning English Premier League champion and Sony have decided to collaborate to build a Metaverse for the team’s supporters. The Japanese tech giant Sony announced at CES 2023 that its ‘Proof of Concept’ will let fans engage with a virtual replica of Etihad Stadium and take part in a variety of online activities. 

Sony posted an official video on its YouTube channel showcasing the virtual experience. In the video, virtual avatars can be seen sprinting around the stadiums. Additionally, they can be seen dancing in designated areas all over the virtual stadium.

Avatars, 3D images, and other expressions unique to the metaverse, according to Sony’s senior product planner Nami Iwamoto, will allow users to interact with one another in a novel way.

Users will be able to learn more about strategies and player positioning on the field as well as experience the game from different perspectives thanks to the virtual reality experience. This technology might be a fantastic way to comprehend the game entirely. According to Sony, it mounted numerous sensors on Manchester City players and recorded volumetric data and video for analysis.

The video also demonstrates users viewing the experience on their smartphones and laptops, explaining how the company will develop the technology to be compatible with devices with lower specifications.

The locations for the application’s release are still up for debate, even though it is scheduled for 2023.

It could be a fantastic new way for supporters to interact with their favorite teams and a chance to add more technologies, like NFTs, to the unique metaverse. Other well-known football teams, including Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, and Barcelona, have already entered the metaverse and are inviting supporters to interact with them.

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