ArborXR and Bodyswaps Partner to Scale VR Training Programs

ArborXR and Bodyswaps Partner to Scale VR Training Programs

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The AR/VR device management platform provider, ArborXR, and the creator of immersive learning software that enables learners to develop soft skills using VR with AI-enabled analytical feedback, Bodyswaps, recently announced a new partnership.

Along with other independent software vendors (ISVs), such as Moth+Flame, EngageVR, Futurus, Miller Creative, and 3DOrganon, Bodyswaps has joined ArborXR as its latest partner. According to the company, ArborXR is currently used as MDM by 400+ ISVs.

Bodyswaps creates and specializes in virtual reality soft skills training apps for corporate and educational use cases, such as anti-racism, leadership development, impactful communication, conflict management, public speaking, and mastering job interviews.

The company’s training platform places students in VR settings that deal with realistic scenarios. Then, trainees can practice soft skills through behavioral analysis of their actions, words, and body language from a different angle in virtual reality. Through the remote app distribution capabilities of the ArborXR platform, the company will now be able to share its content directly with its customers.

“Working with ArborXR removes friction from our product because our clients can now easily manage their devices, remotely install our apps, track analytics, and know where devices are. This is essential for the next stage of the industry,” said Christophe Mallet, Co-Founder and CEO of Bodyswaps.

With ArborXR, organizations can install apps, remotely manage XR headsets, and restrict what users see and do in VR. ISVs like Bodyswaps can upload apps to ArborXR and control who has access to their content by granting or denying access. All apps and files are accessible within a client’s dashboard, and any upcoming app updates can be installed automatically.

As a result, ArborXR contributes to the reduction of friction in the VR device management process. The platform can also simplify VR pilot programs by offering free support for up to 50 devices, which makes it simpler for businesses to get started with a virtual reality pilot project.

“We are excited to partner with Bodyswaps to help them scale their product and make VR experiences even more accessible,” said Brad Scoggin, Co-Founder and CEO of ArborXR.

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