Dashible to Launch an NFT Marketplace Designed for Local Businesses
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Dashible to Launch an NFT Marketplace Designed for Local Businesses

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The company offering software as a service (SaaS) super app for local retailers, Dashible, is gearing up to launch the first NFT Marketplace designed for local businesses.

Dashible offers a marketing and customer engagement platform that enables local retailers to deploy location-based deals, loyalty programs, SMS marketing campaigns, and more.

The new NFT Marketplace will enable local businesses of all sizes to create and sell NFTs. Instead of just being digital collectibles, these NFTs will also act as blockchain-powered VIP cards to allow their owners to avail exclusive benefits from the local business affiliated with them.

Dashible greatly emphasizes delivering value to local businesses and the community. Therefore, the NFTs are also being created through support from local artists and creators. The original artist and the sponsoring business will continue to get a portion of each sale of the NFTs executed in the secondary market.

A unique feature of these NFTs is that their design code is location-based, which can be tracked via the Dashible mobile app. It can further be ‘activated’ when the NFT holder is near the location built into the code.

“Our mission is to be the super app for local businesses and to provide these businesses access to technologies that are currently reserved for larger companies,” said Dashible’s CEO, Marvin Johnson.

The new NFT offering by Dashible will enable local businesses to get on the NFT and metaverse bandwagon. Moreover, everyday consumers can benefit from the platform by gaining access to exclusive deals with the businesses and owning digital art in the rapidly growing metaverse economy.

The service will soon open for businesses in the New York City metropolitan area and will make its way to other US locations in the next few months.

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