Siemens to Collaborate with NVIDIA to Build an Industrial Metaverse
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Siemens to Collaborate with NVIDIA to Build an Industrial Metaverse

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One of the leading global industrial and infrastructure firms, Siemens, has partnered with the artificial intelligence (AI) and graphics technology giant NVIDIA to build the industrial metaverse.

The two companies aim to boost the deployment of AI-powered digital twins via Siemens’ Xcelerator tool incorporating NVIDIA’s Omniverse 3D design platform. The combination will facilitate the development of an industrial metaverse using the former’s ‘physics-based digital models’ and the latter’s real-time AI.

The combined solution will help the firms achieve improvements to their production and product life cycles. Additionally, companies across the industry can leverage digital twins, real-time data, internet of things (IoT) solutions, key analytics at the edge or in the cloud, and more.

Photorealistic, physics-based digital twins can power the industrial metaverse and also transform our economies and industries. They can provide a virtual world for people to interact and collaborate to solve real-world problems.

Siemens’ digital twin technologies have helped several companies across diverse industries to enhance productivity. The new partnership would help create a foundation for a ‘real-time, immersive metaverse’ to connect hardware and software across cloud computing and edge infrastructure with Siemens’ offerings.

“The connection to Siemens Xcelerator will open NVIDIA’s Omniverse and AI ecosystem to a whole new world of industrial automation that is built using Siemens’ mechanical, electrical, software, IoT, and edge solutions,” said Jensen Huang, Chief Executive and Founder of NVIDIA.

He further exclaimed that the joint venture would allow both companies to achieve their ‘common vision’ of building the industrial metaverse and driving digital transformation within industries across the globe.

NVIDIA’s solution is designed to facilitate content creation for XR firms with its digital creation platform. It streamlines the digitization processes and builds real-time 3D (RT3D) assets.

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