NVIDIA adds bidirectional audio support to its CloudXR platform
CloudXR platform

NVIDIA adds bidirectional audio support to its CloudXR platform

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NVIDIA’s CloudXR platform imagines a future where high-end VR and AR can be streamed straight to devices to make them mobile and lightweight. CloudXR 3.0, which is NVIDIA’s latest update, has included bidirectional audio support to produce immersive environments while assisting social interactions.

The inclusion of bidirectional audio is a significant step for CloudXR as it enables real-time communication. This is not only necessary for social applications in general but also essential where enterprise partnership is involved, allowing global colleagues to talk to one another.

It is an area of interest for NVIDIA as it works on the Omniverse Enterprise platform. By using bidirectional audio, one can not only interact in virtual reality but also support mobile devices for the broadest platform support. 

Alongside mobile, CloudXR also helps PC headsets such as Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, and HTC Vive. First testers of CloudXR 3.0 include Accenture and Autodesk, who have trialed the CloudXR platform on their training software and design, respectively.

“NVIDIA CloudXR is opening new ways for VRED to bring even more people together in collaborative experiences by reducing dependency on hardware and location. We can’t wait to see where this technology will take automotive design and review workflows for Autodesk VRED users.” – Lukas Faeth, Senior Product Manager of Automotive Visualization, Autodesk.

“We tested CloudXR 3.0 and experienced great performance with complex training apps originally built of tethered XR. The addition of bidirectional audio for collaboration will take cloud-rendered collaborative XR experiences to the next level. With the latest CloudXR 3.0 release, we can finally start designing XR apps for the cloud without any limitation.” – Nicola Rosa, Lead, Extended Reality, Accenture (Europe).

Apart from the bidirectional audio support, the CloudXR 3.0 update also includes:

  • Asynchronous connection assistance, so clients can be kept active during connection establishment
  • iOS client developments
  • In the Wave VR client, enhancing color and gamma handling
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
  • Various API changes
  • Updated Windows SDK to 10 from the earlier 8.1


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