Samsung Planning to Launch an AR Headset, Establish a Presence in the Metaverse

Samsung Planning to Launch an AR Headset, Establish a Presence in the Metaverse

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The leading global technology and consumer electronics company, Samsung, dropped some hints about venturing back into the augmented reality space with a potential headset that will power multi-user metaverse experiences. 

“Metaverse-related AR devices are now the talk of the town, so we have buckled down to a task to cope with the trend. It won’t take too long. We are striving for perfection as we gear up for the launch,” said Samsung CEO Han Jong-hee at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, last week.

The company had previously brought its Odyssey and Gear VR to the market in November 2017 and November 2015. However, it was way before the metaverse and immersive tech boom as we’re seeing today.

The metaverse-related trends have picked up some serious momentum post Meta’s Connect event late last year, where the company announced its ambitious plans for the future. The company is working on numerous XR wearables and gearing up for the public release of Horizon: Worlds, the highly-anticipated immersive social platform. It also has a premium VR headset project, called Project Cambria, in the works.

Meta is also creating a pair of powerful AR smart glasses under its Project Nazare. The device aims to augment our everyday life with overlays and voice-activated digital assistants. Reportedly, an XR smartwatch with AR and VR capabilities can also debut in the market this summer.

On the other front, Apple has further delayed its mixed reality headset to 2023 due to production troubles. And Google might unveil an XR head-mounted device by 2024.

Nevertheless, Samsung has made steady progress in the immersive domain. The company had launched its Galaxy S22 smartphone series and Galaxy Tab S8 tablet on Decentraland, a popular metaverse-based platform.

The fully digital event, called Unpacked 2022, was held at a recreation of the company’s New York City flagship store as a digital twin within Decentraland.

The virtual showroom or the digital twin is named Samsung 837X, accommodating several company events, including featured quests, NFT prizes, product drops, and live performances.

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