Fashion and Augmented Reality on Display Together with the Mexican Catwalk

Fashion and Augmented Reality on Display Together with the Mexican Catwalk

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On the second day of the Intermoda fair in Guadalajara, designers blended fashion with technology like augmented reality for the “Futuria” show.  

The items that grabbed attention included cowboy attire, a soccer jersey, a jacket with embroidered insects and stuck-on beetles, a top and skirt made of trash, and a garment with a Mexican weaving shawl.

Through a QR code and a link to an Instagram page with specialized filters, the public could interact with the clothing during the catwalk. The Mexican loom dress embellished with priceless stones, the cowboy jacket changed colors, the rubbish dress filled with metals via the screen, and the insects also came to life.

According to Nadia Tamez, creative director of the technology company Sinergy, the designs were produced by combining numerous brands to represent a new approach to clothing and utilizing technology.

“We already live in the metaverse, in a social hybrid that is part digital, part physical, and we can take advantage of this tool to publicize what we have to offer,” she said. “We make these experiences accessible with the applications that we all have downloaded on our cell phones.”

Tamez noted that anyone could wear these commonplace clothes from traditional materials and fabrics. Still, by adding the digital element, it also makes it possible to load the items with advertising materials without the wearer being aware of it.

According to her, this fusion of fashion and technology is already here and will soon be put to use. Mexican artisans and firms created the pieces, including Salim, Uno+uno, and Cactus.

The 78th edition of Intermoda, which runs from January 17–20, brings together 21,000 buyers from 18 nations and 600 exhibitors focused on the fashion sector. The schedule includes lectures and fashion shows by Mexican and foreign designers.

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