Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to Create a Metaverse Campus
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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to Create a Metaverse Campus

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The world-renowned university, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), has unveiled its plan to create the world’s first physical-digital twin campus within the metaverse. The goal is to enhance the immersive learning experiences it offers across its two campuses in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

The initial test for the metaverse-based system will be during the opening of the Guangzhou campus in September 2023. Pan Hui, Chair Professor of Computational Media and Arts at the Guangzhou campus, explained that numerous guests invited to the event might be overseas. However, they can attend the event within the metaverse.

As per the university, the initiative is its first significant step towards building MetaHKUST, a learning arena within the metaverse to connect its Hong Kong campus with the one in Guangzhou and enable students to attend classes and take lessons beyond geographical boundaries.

The initial stage of the metaverse campus requires the installation of extensive tech infrastructure, such as virtual reality classrooms, sensors, cameras, and visualization tools. The digital classrooms will enable students to attend the same lecture simultaneously within two parallel physical spaces.

Moreover, the metaverse could also hold several vital events, such as graduation and diplomas or transcripts in the form of NFTs.

Zoom and other video conferencing tools were the norms for delivering educational content during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, projects and initiatives are being planned across the globe to take the idea of virtual learning one step further using the metaverse.

Last month, the University of Tokyo also unveiled an integration of metaverse tech into its learning processes. The university plans to offer introductory engineering lessons in the metaverse later this year.

The metaverse revolution in the education sector is also in full swing in India. Test preparation and coaching institute Career Launcher launched CL Meta, a metaverse for students with virtual classrooms, study rooms, career counseling sections, and a virtual shopping mall.

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