Helpshift Announces a Free In-app Customer Support Plan for Metaverse Applications

Helpshift Announces a Free In-app Customer Support Plan for Metaverse Applications

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The mobile-first customer service platform, Helpshift, has announced a free plan for in-app customer support for augmented reality experiences and other metaverse applications. The new Feedback+ plan is the San Francisco-based startup’s key initiative to get ready and adapt its offering for a new generation of metaverse apps.

The free plan rollout is a part of phase one of Metashift, the company’s patented user support and customer service offering for the metaverse. Mobile app developers and product teams need a sturdy technological foundation and features to facilitate user feedback to stay on track with the rapid advancement in the space.

Feedback+ aims to provide app developers with new capabilities to improve their user experience by enabling their users to send in feedback, report bugs, request additional features, and more. The plan also comprises a customizable help center that allows developers to create unlimited FAQs to help their users navigate the app with ease.

“The future of customer support is in the app, and as the line between the mobile world and the metaverse blurs, brands need to be able to deliver support seamlessly within the immersive worlds where users gather to engage in new ways,” stated Eric Vermillion, CEO of Helpshift.

Helpshift’s Feedback+ Plan brings a range of tools within one free package. Its software development kit (SDK) packs features for bug and crash reporting, feedback submission, the help center, and more. Additionally, the developers can organize, filter, and sort the collected feedback on a dashboard to facilitate more straightforward analysis and proactively improve their app.

Furthermore, new patented features, such as blockchain verification, native in-VR Support, and feedback collection from within VR experiences, will be released with the future versions of Metashift.

“Our new Feedback+ SDK is focused on helping app creators drive growth through an incredible product experience and continue to capitalize on the emerging opportunities of the metaverse,” Vermillion added.

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