CareAR and Lenovo to Power Service Experience Management for Next-Gen XR Solutions
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CareAR and Lenovo to Power Service Experience Management for Next-Gen XR Solutions

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The service experience management (SXM) market leader, CareAR, is collaborating with the global technology giant, Lenovo, to deliver next-generation 3D extended reality wearable solutions.

An innovative immersive offering for deploying live remote assist interactions, self-guided 3D instructions, and intelligent insights for equipping the staff and field technicians with contextual problem-solving abilities will emerge through the combined technologies, resources, and partnerships from both companies.

CareAR has integrated its SXM platform with the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses, a 5G-capable mobile head-worn solution. It will help users to take advantage of the full potential of the SLAM method (simultaneous localization and mapping), which powers augmented reality applications to recognize 3D objects and states with overlay augmentations. It will enable frontline workers to leverage multi-view and multi-party handsfree experiences.

Furthermore, CareAR will use its close integration with ServiceNow to connect field technicians wearing Lenovo smart glasses with a remote expert through the ServiceNow workflow. The expert can see what the technician is seeing, provide real-time visual assistance, and have a side-by-side view of a digital twin with instructional content and the ServiceNow service ticket, both of which are in the technicians’ field of view.

“Augmented and virtual reality have become imperative to creating safe and efficient field service management experiences for technicians and customers, speeding resolution times, and reducing the need for expensive on-site visits,” said Bulent Cinarkaya, GM, Field Service Management at ServiceNow.

By transforming the conventional service model from reactive to proactive, predictive, and self-solving, CareAR offers comprehensive support for service experience management.

“We are fundamentally augmenting the intelligence of workers across a variety of industries, driving higher performance levels and efficiencies for companies, ultimately resulting in greater savings, safety, and outcomes for customers,” said Sam Waicberg, CareAR’s President and Co-founder.

Eventually, the two entities envision upscaling the partnership over a longer term to build immersive AR tech integrations with additional Lenovo services and platforms and add support for future devices.

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