Win Reality combining baseball and virtual reality
Win Reality

Win Reality combining baseball and virtual reality

Former baseball player Andrew McKirahan started Win Reality, a virtual reality baseball company in Austin. The company concentrates on helping hitters make decisions.

“This was kind of the missing gap. Guys can go out and train … get big and strong … work on their swing all they want, but how can we help hitters be on time and make the right decision without having to go out and play a ton of games?” – Andrew McKirahan

“When you put on the headset, and you see the pitcher on the mound, on the rubber ready to go, it brings you to a state in which you’re not even thinking about, ‘is this real or not real?’ because you’re trying to win that pitch.” – CEO Chris O’Dowd.

The product has been KVUE-tested, and it is now with the majority of MLB teams, local high schools, and the University of Texas.

“If Major League all-stars and MVPs are using this daily, why shouldn’t a 10-year-old or an 8-year-old be getting in here and just seeing tons of pitches? Confidence, man. If guys can see more pitches and simulate that game experience, it goes a long way.” – McKirahan.

“I went to the dark side. But it’s a decision McKirahan’s happy he made. I never imagined that this kind of opportunity would arise, but obviously (I’m) very grateful for it. (I) love being a part of the game and talking to parents and kids of all ages.” – McKirahan.

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