Waggle Corp Unveils Waggle VR to Advance Video and Software Production

Waggle Corp Unveils Waggle VR to Advance Video and Software Production

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Waggle Corp has introduced Waggle VR, a virtual reality video and software production service that makes use of the most recent, cutting-edge cameras, such as the Insta360 Titan, and an in-house render farm to significantly improve quality while also reducing the turnaround time and uncertainty generally associated with VR video and software production.

Waggle VR is created to guide businesses through every step of creating a VR video, from the storyboard to post-production. Developers can create VR videos in two ways: fully immersive in 3D (stereoscopic) with a 360-degree field of view or semi-immersive in 2D (monoscopic) with merely 180 degrees of vision. Companies can upload their content to well-known VR libraries like YouTube or Waggle VR can assist them in developing their own metaverse VR software for the Meta Quest headset.

High-definition immersive VR content immerses viewers in a different reality when viewed with a modern headset like the Meta Quest 2. By engaging the listener in an audioscape that responds to head movements, ambisonic sound enhances the experience.

For instance, the sound of the waterfall behind a viewer becomes louder as they move their head. Businesses can use cutting-edge marketing and training techniques to take advantage of this new medium. Rather than simply showing new employees pictures of the factory, they can be transported directly onto the production floor.

Customers looking to purchase real estate, cruises, or leisure can have a realistic preview experience that makes them crave the real thing.

VR marketing and training are excellent ways for businesses to stand out from the competition. With over 40 million headsets sold by Meta (previously Facebook), it is evident that people are ready to use this cutting-edge technology.

Waggle VR can assist companies in using live VR streaming to reach their audience for essential events. Event planners can get potential guests who would not otherwise be able to attend by live streaming in VR. Rather than limiting virtual attendees to watching events unfold on a two-dimensional flat screen, VR immerses them in action.

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