Blippar Introduces Sketchfab Integration to Provide Creators Easy Access to 3D Models

Blippar Introduces Sketchfab Integration to Provide Creators Easy Access to 3D Models

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The leading technology and content platform for augmented reality, Blippar, has integrated Sketchfab, one of the largest 3D asset libraries in the world, into Blippbuilder, its simple-to-use AR creation tool.

New and existing users of Blippbuilder will now get rapid, free access to hundreds of 3D models and assets, enabling designers to develop AR scenes quickly. By eliminating the need for users to create 3D assets from scratch or obtain them elsewhere, this integration speeds up and simplifies the creation of AR content.

The Blippbuilder platform now gives users access to all the resources and features required to construct immersive AR experiences. The alliance advances Blippar’s mission of assisting creators by facilitating cross-platform AR content development.

Blippar made Blippbuilder free to use earlier this month by eliminating all fees, including view-based pricing. A collection of AR Start Projects, included with all new Blippbuilder accounts, was also recently released by Blippar. The potential of augmented reality production is demonstrated by these sample experiences, which are fully customizable for users to alter and discover at their own speed. Additionally, users now have even more creative flexibility with no additional expense, thanks to the integration of Sketchfab into the platform.

Users of various expertise levels may quickly source 3D assets because of the integration, eliminating any concern about getting the correct file type or model format. To access the Sketchfab library from the menu panel, users need only create a free Blippbuilder account or sign in to their existing one.

The user’s only choice is where to share the experience, whether on the web or any social networking site, as Blippar handles all technical aspects of hosting. Once the experience is available, consumers can engage with it using a smartphone and a QR code or URL.

“At Blippar we’re incredibly excited to develop our partnership with Sketchfab in order to make AR content authoring simple and powerful,” said Faisal Galaria, CEO of Blippar.

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