NuEyes and Samsung Launch an AR-powered Solution for Healthcare
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NuEyes and Samsung Launch an AR-powered Solution for Healthcare

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The innovative smart glasses manufacturer, NuEyes Technologies, has partnered with Samsung to transform patient healthcare using augmented reality technology. The two entities aim to provide medical professionals access to AR-powered live videos and enable remote specialists to pull up images and medical documents in real-time.

When connected to a Samsung 5G Galaxy S Series smartphone or tablet, the NuEyes PRO series AR smart glasses enable professionals in the medical sector to receive life-saving information via an OLED display with a broad 52-degree field-of-view. According to the companies, the glasses are comfortable enough for routine medical tasks, including ultrasound imaging, remote treatment, and on-the-job assistance training in any hospital, academic setting, or field.

The two gadgets working together will help medical professionals stay connected while they carry out routine duties because of their hands-free design. With the ability to use augmented reality to connect with hospitals and ER doctors, the technology might also significantly impact how paramedics respond to emergencies.

“Partnering with Samsung Healthcare allows us to expand our reach and deliver solutions that will help advance the medical industry and patient care,” said Mark Greget, founder and CEO of NuEyes Technologies.

By setting the foundation for creating a seamless ecosystem of medical care throughout the metaverse, this partnership between Samsung and NuEyes Technologies represents a significant milestone for the medical sector. Several industries could deploy this solution for other emergencies at schools, factories, large gatherings, and more.

The two organizations have previously worked together to develop medical solutions. In 2022, Samsung and NuEyes collaborated to support veterans dealing with eyesight loss.

In Suwon, Korea, where it already runs one of the most sophisticated medical facilities in the world, Samsung has created digital healthcare solutions that boost employee productivity and enhance patient care in both hospitals and homes.

Nevertheless, with cutting-edge smart technologies, the two companies have improved patient care, expedited crucial communications, and increased the visibility of digital solutions for healthcare.

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