Nextech AR Introduces Breakthrough AI to Scale 3D Model Production Capabilities

Nextech AR Introduces Breakthrough AI to Scale 3D Model Production Capabilities

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Nextech AR Solutions, the industry leader in augmented reality wayfinding technologies, has recently announced the development of ground-breaking 3D content creation capabilities. The business intends to develop its artificial intelligence capabilities further.

This advancement in AI capabilities translates into the capacity to scale 3D model production faster, increasing production capacity and contributing to a more significant revenue growth rate and higher profit margins.

A proprietary platform for scaling 3D content creation through a ‘virtual assembly line’ forms the basis of Nextech’s factory for producing 3D models. The platform’s AI 3D model creation tools are being improved so that users can create thousands of 3D models monthly. These algorithms can generate 3D assets automatically in some categories while greatly accelerating the creation of 3D models in others.

Improved AI allows the production of 3D models that satisfy the stringent criteria for some of the leading eCommerce marketplaces in the world. The company believes it has achieved breakthrough AI and is working to achieve additional milestones that will significantly impact the amplification of Nextech’s 3D model production. Its goal remains to be the greatest 3D model supplier for the $5.5 trillion eCommerce ecosystem.

“With our recently announced multi-million dollar enterprise contacts and now with our breakthrough AI, we are well on our way to becoming the biggest 3D model supplier for eCommerce,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO at Nextech AR.

For various product categories, including rugs, pillows, wall art, jars, and decorative items, 3D models are currently being created using AI. The platform will be able to expand the creation of a larger class of modular objects, such as chairs, tables, dressers, and more, thanks to the company’s cutting-edge part-based 3D model creation technology, which will start to appear throughout 2023.

Furthermore, Nextech has integrated its exclusive PBR (physics-based rendering) material estimation into Toggle 3D. Toggle 3D, a standalone web application with augmented reality (AR) enhancements, was released in September and enabled users to create, personalize, and share high-quality 3D models and experiences.

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