Mesmerise Opens its First US Office to Capitalize on the Enterprise VR Market in the Country

Mesmerise Opens its First US Office to Capitalize on the Enterprise VR Market in the Country

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The company assisting multinational enterprises in maximizing the benefits of virtual reality, Mesmerise, has announced the launch of its US office. The new location, Santa Monica, California, will speed up the company’s entry into the expanding enterprise market in the area while enabling it to better assist its current US clients.

Mesmerise collaborates with companies to offer virtual meetings, conferences, and training sessions as a pioneer in enterprise virtual reality. Because Mesmerise provides a virtual experience that gives executives all the advantages of co-presence and in-person collaboration while eliminating travel costs and decreasing corporate carbon footprints, industry-leading companies like Mainetti and Morningstar depend on the company and its proprietary software platform, Gatherings.

It has experienced rapid growth since its start in 2016, thanks to its ground-breaking work. As Mesmerise continues to secure new business and promote innovation in the space, the company has increased its headcount by a multiple of six during the last two years.

Mesmerise chose Santa Monica as its US headquarters to take advantage of the city’s diverse technological market and distinctive talent pool to support its hiring efforts, as LA recently emerged as the third-largest tech ecosystem in the US.

The business is also thrilled to welcome two new members to the advisory board – Derrick Connel, a former corporate Vice President at Microsoft, and Juan Pujadas, a former head of global advisory at PWC and a member of the board of Wells Fargo.

“We’re proud of the momentum we’ve established so far in the UK and Europe, but we’re incredibly excited by the demand that we’ve seen in the US market,” said Andrew Hawken, Co-founder and CEO of Mesmerise.

A long-standing partnership with Morningstar, a preeminent source of independent investment research, is part of Mesmerise’s award-winning work. For the past three years, Mesmerise has hosted the VR segment of its yearly flagship conference, the Morningstar Investment Conference.

Mesmerise also created two VR games, Bee Game and Sustainable City, to be played in conjunction with the annual conference. These games let players put on an Oculus headset and explore the impacts of sustainability.

The focus of Mesmerise also extends to bespoke events, such as the recent reunion of the Harvard Business School class of 2017. Mesmerise welcomed 90 executives from 28 different countries in a metaverse reunion through virtual reality, saving 180 flights and reducing carbon footprints by 90%.

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