Five Powerful Real-World Applications of Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality Applications

Five Powerful Real-World Applications of Augmented Reality

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In recent years, Augmented Reality or AR development can be associated with solutions that permit consumers to envisage products and visualize what it might feel like to experience the service or own a product before purchasing it.

Simply put, AR technology takes a real-world setting and integrates computer-generated input into it. The augmented and real-world settings can then interrelate and undergo digital manipulation. As this technology matures, the extent of applications continues to grow. Here’s a list of five powerful real-world applications of AR.

Maintenance and Construction

In this industry, AR technology enables construction crews, architects, and developers to visualize what a suggested design would appear in existing conditions before construction starts. Besides visualization, it can help recognize constructability problems during a project. In doing so, builders and architects can brainstorm solutions before the situation becomes harder to resolve, i.e., after construction starts.

Augmented Reality can also support the continued maintenance of products and buildings. It offers remote assistance to customers as they complete or repair maintenance processes on products.

Business Logistics

AR presents various opportunities to increase cost savings and efficiency across numerous business logistics aspects, such as warehousing and transportation. For instance, a shipping company can adopt AR technology, which can help workers establish the shortest route to pick and locate a specific item that requires shipping. Providing employees with efficient means of completing their tasks helps yield greater ROI.


Exciting applications exist for Augmented Reality in healthcare, ranging from permitting medical students to train in AR settings to telemedicine choices that enable medical experts to relate with patients. AR applications can offer real-time information to support surgery, diagnosis, and treatment plans in crucial circumstances. In doing so, surgeons and practitioners can plan health procedures before they make the first cut.

Education and Tourism

AR’s application to these two fields still needs to be explored entirely; however, the possibilities are almost limitless. Here’s a brief list of applications of AR:

  • AR can help teachers engage students in the classroom with 3D models.
  • Visual learners can gain from AR’s capabilities that can bring ideas to life through digital renderings.
  • Students can access information anytime and anywhere without special equipment. For instance, some apps work in classroom settings to help students participate in classes through a smartphone for a richer learning environment.

When it comes to tourism, technology has come a long way, from simple review sites to informative websites. Augmented Reality also offers a tremendous opportunity for agents and travel brands to give prospective tourists a more immersive experience before traveling. For instance, you can enjoy a virtual tour through AR before you book a ticket to a holiday destination.

Public Safety

When an emergency occurs like a natural or human-made disaster, people instantly reach for their smartphones to determine what’s happening. They also get information about where to go and whether their loved ones are safe. You’ll also find first responders at the scene of such disasters trying to establish who requires help and the best means of getting them to safety. AR apps that can help with navigation, decision making, and resource deployment will enable first responders to save many more lives.


Augmented Reality is emerging as a significant driver in the tech economy because smart glasses and AR apps hold the ability to add value to almost every industry. This list scratches only the surface of the potential for the application of AR technology in real-life.

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