Oculus Hacks You Never Knew

Oculus Hacks You Never Knew

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Oculus Quest headsets are one of the most intuitive virtual reality systems out there. They are easy to use and even first-time VR users don’t experience difficulties when starting out. However, Oculus headsets are full of useful features, that even advanced users are not aware of. In this article, we will share 4 Oculus hacks you never knew, that will help you enjoy VR to the fullest.

Change Tracking Sensitivity

Oculus Quest comes with two controllers called Oculus Touch. They allow you to move in the virtual space and are really great at replicating your hand movements. However, sometimes Oculus Touch tracking can seem laggy or unresponsive. It’s usually caused by other electronics in your room like lights or a Wi-Fi router that works on the same frequency as Oculus Touch. To make your controllers more responsive, you can change tracking sensitivity, which can result in a better VR experience.

To change tracking sensitivity, go to “Settings”, then select the “Device” section and click on “Tracking Frequency”. There, you can choose among “automatic”, “50Hz” and “60Hz” options. We recommend you try each of these settings to see which one results in the best Oculus Touch responsiveness.

Use Hand Tracking

Oculus Touch controllers are great and all, but you can also use hand tracking to navigate your Oculus Quest! There are many apps that use hand tracking instead of Touch controllers. However, it’s also extremely comfortable to use when you want to relax and watch some Netflix or YouTube in VR. Instead of holding the controllers, you can simply use hand gestures to move around the Oculus menu.

To activate Hand Tracking, go to “Settings”, then click on the “Hands and Controllers” section and activate “Hand Tracking”.

Take Screenshots

Virtual reality worlds can be breathtaking. After all, using Oculus Quest you can explore deep space, impenetrable jungles, or even medieval cities. If you’ve used your Oculus Quest for a while, you definitely have seen something so gorgeous, that you wanted to share with your friends. Luckily, Oculus allows you to take screenshots and export them to your computer or smartphone!

To take a screenshot, simply press the Oculus button on your right controller and hold down the trigger button.

Check Your Fitness Stats

Oculus Quest is a great option if you want to maintain your health while playing video games. After all, most games require you to move around, and there are even specific working-out apps that help you lose weight. What’s great, is that you can track your fitness stats with an app “Oculus Move”, that comes preinstalled with your headset. It’s basically a workout tracker, and you can see how many calories you’ve burnt in any game and even set fitness goals you want to achieve!

To check your fitness stats, click on the “Apps” icon on the home screen and go to the “Move” app. Then, you will have to enter your weight and height for accurate fitness tracking. That’s it, now Oculus will automatically track how much time you are physically active on Oculus and how many calories you burn!

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