Space Dog XR releases a new augmented reality game that utilizes Cloud Anchors
Augmented Reality Game

Space Dog XR releases a new augmented reality game that utilizes Cloud Anchors

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Space Dog XR, an indie game dev studio has just released a new augmented reality mobile game called Cup Pong AR. Space Dog XR is based in NYC that focuses on Virtual and Augmented Reality (XR) experiences. The app enables players to play cup pong with friends or by themselves in augmented reality. Here are some of the key features:

  • With Local Multiplayer mode, players can play against a friend who is in the same physical room. This mode uses Google’s Cloud Anchor technology to render the same, shared digital pong table for both players.
  • With Online Multiplayer mode, each player has their own digital pong table, so the players do not need to be in the same physical room.
  • The app includes a Single Player mode where players progress through a series of different levels with increasing difficulty. 


Cup Pong AR is powered by Unity and its AR Foundation library. AR Foundation allows Space Dog XR to more quickly publish our augmented reality game to both Android and iOS. Cup Pong AR’s “Local Multiplayer” mode is a compelling use of Google’s Cloud Anchor technology; these cloud anchors enable the same table to be rendered for both players in the same physical space.

Some of the compelling factors for players to consider for Cup Pong AR:

  • Players can socialize and have fun together while maintaining social distance and avoiding high-risk activities typically seen while playing pong such as sharing the same cups. 
  • The app leverages Google’s Cloud Anchor technology; it’s impressive tech that is used within the app to render shared digital objects in the same space, but until now there have not been many, if any, high-profile consumer apps that use those capabilities.

Cup Pong AR is available for download in App Store and Google Play Store



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