Les Mills Partners with Odders Labs to Introduce a VR Fitness Gaming App
VR Fitness Gaming App

Les Mills Partners with Odders Labs to Introduce a VR Fitness Gaming App

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Fitness brand Les Mills has joined forces with the Spanish virtual reality specialist, Odders Labs, to turn its iconic Boydcombat workout into a VR gaming app.

The app will be made available on the Quest Platform. Its transformation into the virtual domain has been led by the group fitness style’s program directors, Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen. The app pits the users for martial arts challenges in varied environments, from an intergalactic desert on Mars to a snowy tundra, ancient Rome, and neo-city skylines.

The players gather points for effort and techniques as they learn the workouts by Newsham and Cohen and track their performance over time.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the company’s first venture into the VR space. It had previously created ‘The Trip,’ an immersive workout platform. Les Mills CEO, Clive Ormerod, stated that the growing interest in the metaverse prompted the company to further innovate in the space.

“We’re always looking at ways to evolve our workouts to get more people falling in love with fitness, and the Bodycombat VR app feels like a very timely innovation as the metaverse starts to take off,” said Ormerod.

The offering, however, appeals to fitness gamers at first, but Ormerod explained that the app had been designed for all kinds of users.

“The beauty of the Bodycombat VR app is we can tailor workouts for all fitness levels and take people through the workouts in a safe and progressive way,” he added. “Our mission is to create a fitter planet, and we hope the launch of the Bodycombat VR app enables us to reach new audiences and break down barriers to exercise, helping more people to start their fitness journey and reap the rewards of an active lifestyle.”

The company will further work on testing and learning to bring regular updates and additions to the game in the coming months.

“We’ve been bowled over by the positive response to the game so far, so should that continue, then it’s certainly something we’ll take into consideration when planning what comes next,” Ormerod said. “Certainly, we have other programs that would make for awesome VR games.”

The Bodycombat app is available for US$29.99 on the Quest Store.

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