Immersive VR Gaming Experience ‘Zero Latency’ to Debut in Cleveland

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The Boss VR Arena is bringing Zero Latency VR to enable remarkable VR gaming experiences for enthusiasts in Cleveland. Unlike the usual VR games, such a setup enables up to eight people to roam freely in an open space and act within the game without any delay.

Boss Pro-Karting co-owner, Brad Copley, said, “We have strived to bring adrenaline-filled group activities to Northeast Ohio. The go-karting and the ax-throwing were our first two launches into Cleveland. And now, bringing this VR, it’s a whole different dynamic.”

Each player puts a computer on their back with a VR gun, special glasses, a range of cameras on their body, and a headset with a microphone that enables them to communicate with the other players during the game.

“It’s very safe,” Copley explained. “It tells you when you get close to somebody else or get close to a wall. It keeps you confined to that game space and leads you through some unbelievable experiences.”

Zero Latency Cleveland is one of the ten facilities across the US and will be open for business at Boss VR Arena on Brookpark Road starting March 1.

“When they get here, they’re going to be amazed at not only the graphics but how accurate everything is,” said Copley.

The Boss VR Arena and the other activities at Boss Pro Karting are primarily designed for an older crowd, requiring you to be 12 or older to participate. The VR Arena is priced at $45 for 45 minutes for each participant.

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