WeWay Unveils a New AR-powered Find-to-Earn Game

WeWay Unveils a New AR-powered Find-to-Earn Game

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WeWay, a community-driven platform for learning, earning, and playing, introduced MadBackpacks as its first game with a find-to-earn component. WeWay has incorporated augmented reality within the game, giving users intriguing new gameplay options.

MadBackpacks is a GPS game for finding and collecting coins. Users can complete this activity more easily and effectively with a backpack with various features. Players can also upgrade the backpack’s features by spending coins they earn by playing minigames.

Additionally, they can participate in competitions, advance in the ranks, and increase their power in area control. The virtual reality game MadBackpacks can be a harmonious addition to daily routines. As a result, the players can enjoy the game without getting sidetracked from their primary tasks.

In contrast to similar games, MadBackpacks prioritizes the community formed before the game’s release.

“It is more than just a synergy of Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn games: MadBackpacks is about socializing and team-playing,” said Fuad Fatullaev, CEO of WeWay.

Players can divide into groups, earning more and controlling more huge areas. In the game, players can make friends with similar interests. Social interaction is the most important feature that enhances user enjoyment of the game.

Apart from the game itself, social media has a high user engagement. On Instagram and other social media sites, players talk about the game, offer their predictions, and get involved in the activities of the game’s developers. For instance, a large portion of MadBackpacks subscribers served as the first game testers and focus groups.

Mad Backpacks’ special activities, including the introduction of the in-game economy, the first sale of NFTs, and various brand challenges, are scheduled to go live in Q4 2022, reaching markets and users worldwide.

WeWay is a place where people come together to learn, earn money, and have fun. There are three components of the platform: WeAcademy (the first learn-2-earn crypto academy), WePad, and WeGames (socify games production).

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