A new VR game arena ‘Arena Games’ opens in Dubai
Arena Games

A new VR game arena ‘Arena Games’ opens in Dubai

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Arena Games is a new VR Game Arena that recently opened in Dubai. Arena Games is located at Dubai International Financial Centre and allows players to play different virtual reality games.

VR games provide a computer-generated simulation of an environment where players can interact with other players and objects in a near real-world simulation. It offers an artificial 3D environment for players.

Players are provided with a VR headset, military-style backpacks, headphones, and a gun. Also, there are different types of games for players to pick from. Players can play games like The Walking Dead, where they can fight off zombie attacks.

Players can play different types of games based on their preferences. For example, players can play military action games like Singularity or fantasy genre games like Engineerium.

There are a total of 13 virtual reality games that are currently available at The Arena Games for players to pick from.

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