Tyne and Wear Metro train drivers to use VR to test metro trains
Tyne and Wear Metro

Tyne and Wear Metro train drivers to use VR to test metro trains

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Tyne and Wear Metro drivers are using virtual reality to test drive a new fleet of trains following the COVID-19 safety protocols.

The images generated by the computer give drivers a virtual tour of the layout and controls of the cabs so that they can provide the necessary feedback before these new fleet of trains are manufactured.

According to Nexus, a Metro operator, the VR headsets are the most critical tool to train crews ready for the new £362 million fleets. He also mentioned that around 155 drivers would be using VR technology during a 9 week consultation period.

“VR helps ensure they deliver the best possible layout for the drivers.” – Neil Blagburn, Development Director.

The VR headsets were issued by Stadler, a Swiss manufacturer that has been developing 46 new Metro trains, which will enter operation in 2023.

“We will use feedback to iron out any issues before the production line rolls in 2021. The kit enables drivers to get a feel for the new trains from the very early stages of the project, and means that they can prepare for them well in advance.” – Adrian Wetter, Project Manager.

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