LUXI Amalgamates Artforms with Virtual Gallery
Virtual Gallery

LUXI Amalgamates Artforms with Virtual Gallery

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The pandemic has forced the rapid inclusion of technologies that power the virtual world into modern society. As a result, virtual reality has emerged as the next big wave in social media and tech faster than anyone would have imagined. Electronic pop artist LUXI is all set to ride on this upsurge of virtual reality.

Using her understanding of developing computer games and the experiences gained through some of her recent musical projects, the all-around creative recently wrapped up the creation of MKE Virtual Gallery. The project provides a truly immersive creative experience by amalgamating visual art, technology, and local music in a single download.

“I think it was back in April of 2018 when I first came up with the idea,” said LUXI.

“I had been working on other 3D projects for a while, and I was starting to get more serious about it. I was trying to think of different ways to use the stuff that I was learning, so that was the start of it,” she added.

The gallery is accessible for both Windows and Mac users and hosts the work of 10 visual artists and 13 local music acts. The platform provides the experience of a conventional gallery by enabling you to walk through, admire, and learn about the work on display.

“I hadn’t really done anything collaborative yet, or something that I felt was doing more for other people than just myself. I started thinking that it would be really cool to showcase other artists’ work in a digital gallery that you could ‘walk around’ in your computer to view art from home. This was before the shutdown with the pandemic, so it ended up coincidentally working out,” said LUXI.

Unreal Engine, a well-known program used by several video game creators and independent developers, was used to create the game. Like the previous releases, LUXI aims to develop similar experiences to go with her music.

“I was freaking out a little bit, not gonna lie,” exclaimed LUXI. “Honestly, I think it turned out way better than the first version that I had. The floor layout is a lot cooler in my opinion, and it’s more interesting to me. So it worked out for the best. Sometimes stuff like that happens and you think it’s a disaster, but your project is better off for it in the end.”

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