Tyndall Testing AR Tech for Their Revolutionary ‘Base of the Future’ Plans
Base of the Future

Tyndall Testing AR Tech for Their Revolutionary ‘Base of the Future’ Plans

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In a bid to improve facility operations and development plans, Tyndall Air Force Base is planning to employ using futuristic augmented reality technology.

Going ahead with its new motto of ‘base of the future’, the facility tested some new AR tech to enhance base operations. This new technology along with a few other innovations were the core points of discussion at the summit event on Wednesday.

According to Lowell Ursey, Tyndall Project Management Office Integration Division Chief, the technology is similar to Superman’s X-ray vision. It will enable the servicemen at the facility to observe hidden plumbing, electrical, and structural elements without tearing down the walls.

Usrey said, “Here at Tyndall, specifically, we’re getting a fifth-generation fighter, the F-35, and that will be the operational fighter here at the base. This is a great opportunity to take all of the flight line ideas from all across the Air Force and implement them at the same time.”

This project has the potential to be exemplary in terms of inspiring Air Force bases across the world in the future. Additionally, it’s crucial from a strategic point of view as well since it covers the air space over the Gulf of Mexico. The Air Force is closely observing the development of Tyndall to model redevelopment plans of other bases based on its output.

The communication aspect of the tech excites Lt. Col., Richard Wilson of the 325th Fighter Wing, the most. It will be highly useful for the maintainers of the flight line.

“Getting all that tech together, so our maintainers are talking to our pilots, our pilots are talking to operations, and our operations are talking to the wing. A sense of how we communicate broadly to affect the mission, I’m looking forward to what technology our leaders use and how we do that in the future,” said Wilson.

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