Taqtile’s Manifest Enterprise AR Platform to Get a New Data-Digitizing Tool
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Taqtile’s Manifest Enterprise AR Platform to Get a New Data-Digitizing Tool

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3D Media has unveiled a new tool to capture process operating procedure data and incorporated it into the Manifest® platform from Taqtile. The frontline developer of custom virtual and augmented reality solutions will deploy this tool to help organizations save time and money, and increase their service accuracy by a significant margin.

The tool will automatically extract data from standard operating procedures – SOPs – generated during the repairs and maintenance of complex equipment using artificial intelligence. The company is awaiting a patent for the application.

Adobe PDF is the conventional file format for storing SOPs across industries. The method of manually tracking data across these files is time-consuming and leads to delays and inaccuracies apart from being prone to human errors.

This form-driven process will be replaced by automatically incorporating key information directly into the Manifest AR platform through the new data-extraction tool. It will lead to higher efficiencies, augment the accuracy of repairs, and minimize the possibility of errors by frontline personnel.

Daryl Roy, CEO of 3D Media, said, “We’ve partnered with Taqtile on numerous deployments of its Manifest system and have consistently recognized the bottleneck traditional document-based systems can cause for our customers.”

“Our new AI tool accurately scrapes data from PDFs and integrates it into Manifest, improving the performance of frontline workers in multiple industries, including the military, oil and gas, and power generation. And as the AI tool matures, it learns the structure of the documents to more quickly capture key data and more effectively incorporate it into Manifest,” he added.

The incredible design of the Manifest platform allows to harness the remarkable expertise of the frontline personnel and encourages the other team members to conduct complex tasks in a safer environment while maintaining a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. The 3D Media data-extraction tool paired with the platform will augment this function by providing accurate, real-time direction through its shared environment.

The lengthy SOPs prevalent within the functioning of the US military served as the inspiration for the new tool. The complex, form-based procedures were proving to be a huge hindrance for examining the correct expert subject matter through Manifest. It led 3D Media to develop a tool to increase the efficiency of capturing and leveraging SOP data within Manifest.

Mr. Kelly Malone, Taqtile’s Chief Customer Success Officer, stated, “3D Media is adding exceptional value to the Manifest AR platform by automating and digitizing operating procedures commonly stored as PDFs. Innovative applications like this 3D Media tool advance the usability of Manifest and make frontline users more efficient and more effective.”  

The new tool from 3D Media can be bought bundled with individual Manifest deployments.

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