Spy+ Helps Retail Partners Boost Sales during the Pandemic through its Augmented Reality Experience
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Spy+ Helps Retail Partners Boost Sales during the Pandemic through its Augmented Reality Experience

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SPY+ brings in yet another integration using augmented reality (AR) to retail. In a bid to showcase and let consumers experience their latest Marauder snow goggles, the company released an exciting AR filter.

The brand stated, “SPY+ is the first eyewear brand to use Google’s Swirl technology to engage consumers and drive retail traffic to sell more product in-stores and online.”

The current shopping environment is undergoing a massive transformation post the pandemic. SPY+ is aiming to overcome these new barriers for retail through developing tangible in-store marketing elements such as QR codes located within display cases and a lot more. Their new AR-powered solution addresses critical safety concerns among consumers currently by eliminating the need to touch the goggles before buying them.

Skiers and snowboarders can try on SPY+’s Marauder snow goggles through an immersive augmented reality experience without laying their hands on the product. Besides addressing the safety concerns, AR experiences have also led to significant upsurges in brand awareness and purchase intent among the consumers.

A lot of brands have started employing augmented reality filters for their direct-to-consumer side of operations, however, SPY+ is aiming to focus on both in-store and online consumers through their immersive marketing platforms.

To try on the latest SPY+ goggles at a retail outlet, the consumers need to scan a QR code that they can find on a display case or the store window. Subsequently, they would be able to see a digital version of the goggles over their face to evaluate if the product suits them or not.

Similarly, the ones shopping online would either be able to scan the code displayed on their screens or click a specific link that takes them to the AR-powered experience. This just doesn’t make the shopping experience more exciting but greatly reduces the number of returns since the customers get to try on the product before buying, which is a huge bonus for the retailers.

Matt Kelly, Trade Marketing Manager at SPY+, said, “SPY+ is using tech to sell tech for the upcoming snow season, and our commitment to the wholesale channel is proven through the retail support activations we have surrounding the augmented reality filter. It’s been a challenging year for us all, but skiers and snowboarders are eager to get to the mountains. Our team has developed a plan that includes online and offline components to help retailers show and sell the new Marauder goggle.”

The platform is not just limited to simply trying on the goggles but also features interactive elements that highlight the remarkable design of the product. Consumers can view themselves from several angles to be assured that they look good with the product on. They can also flip the view and witness the contrast-enhancing Happy Lens in action within various climatic conditions.

SPY+ is also working on upscaling its collaboration with ENDVR and Promoboxx to educate the in-store employees about the usability of the technology and keep a balance between delivering a quality experience to both online and offline customers.

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