US Air Force to Partner with Bradley University to Develop AR Software
US Air Force Partner with Bradley University

US Air Force to Partner with Bradley University to Develop AR Software

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The United States Department of Defense is collaborating with Bradley University to leverage its animation, game design, and programming capabilities. The students at the University’s Department of Interactive will be exposed to many possibilities through the partnership.

“The animation students’ dream is to go on to Disney or Pixar, and our gaming students want to go to game studios, and they all do that, but they do other things as well. OSF Healthcare does a lot with virtual reality,” said Ethan Ham, Chairperson of Bradley University Department of Interactive Media.

The 17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos took a first-hand look at the department and its technologies during a tour earlier this week.

“This is a wow moment to be able to go through this entire department and see what students both at the undergraduate level and graduate level are accomplishing right here in Peoria, Illinois,” said Bustos.

The US Air Force is looking to develop a platform for training plane mechanics through collaboration with Bradley and the University of Dayton.

“The Department of Defense wants to figure out how to use something like virtual reality, augmented reality, in a practical sense,” Bustos added.

Ham highlighted the need for students in such programs like these partnerships with government agencies. “The game industry is now bigger than the movie industry, and so where there’s that demand for talent, our students are now filling it,” Ham said.

Princeton Review recently ranked Bradley’s undergraduate game design program as ninth in the world.

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