British Army testing AR glasses for medics on battlefield
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British Army testing AR glasses for medics on battlefield

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The British Army is testing various comm-tech devices, such as devices allowing surgeons to perform remote surgery on soldiers at anytime and anywhere.

These trials are conducted using AR glasses, which enable remote surgery with doctors sending instructions onto the device. It is all part of Project Lara, a program that seeks to approve a set of hi-tech instruments for medics in the British Army.

“The further forward in the battlefield you go, the more that individual medic may need support. Generally, you have junior people further forward and more senior people back looking after a wider area. That single junior medic is the one that needs the best communications capabilities and traditionally, the further forward you go, the lower quality of communications you have.” – Lt Col Oli Bartels, The Royal Army Medical Corps.

The program has been running for the last one and half years and looks to provide medics on the battleground with critical surgery information in real-time.

Surgeons receiving basic medical training and are set with the Armed Forces will obtain expert advice with the help of AR.

“With the technology (Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented reality spectacles), the medics will carry out a surgical reach back to a specialist who does it every day who can keep them on the straight and narrow and provide advice and support.” – Lt Col Oli Bartels.

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