Samsung showcases SmartTags Plus and AR Finder
SmartTags Plus and AR Finder

Samsung showcases SmartTags Plus and AR Finder

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In the last two product cycles, it was rumored that Apple was planning to launch Apple AirTags, which would help iPhone users to track their properties with AR.

But now, AppleTags looks like a distant dream while Samsung has gone ahead of Apple with its own Tags premiering it recently.

Last Thursday, during the Unpacked 2021 event, where the Galaxy S21 lineup was the star of the show, Samsung also showcased the new Galaxy SmartTags. Both the devices utilize the SmartThings Find platform to find nearby items through Bluetooth. For objects which are farther away, SmartTags has the ability to connect anonymously to a network of Samsung devices, thereby triangulating the location of the item.

SmartTags Plus also has augmented reality technology, which offers an immersive experience to users. SmartTags Plus includes UWB (Ultra-Wideband) connectivity for better location precision.

The base SmartTags models will be available in four different colors. They will be launched on 29 January for $29.99 each. In contrast, SmartTags Plus with AR features is yet to have a launch date. When it is launched, it will be available in two colors for $39.99.

The AR finder functionality extends Samsung’s Digital Key platform, which utilizes Ultra Wideband (UWB) to unlock cars via smartphone. Samsung is also working with automakers BMW, Ford, Genesis, and Audi to realize the system in their new cars.

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