Sports-focused AR Startup Quintar Raises a Seed Round
AR Startup Quintar

Sports-focused AR Startup Quintar Raises a Seed Round

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Sports augmented reality startup Quintar has been backed by SeventySix Capital to develop a platform for rights holders ranging from teams to broadcasters.

Former Intel Sports execs Sankar “Jay” Jayaram and Jeff Jonas founded the company that now plans to build in-venue and at-home AR functionalities. The applications of the platform are endless. For instance, someone watching the match at a stadium could hold their phone up to see a kicker’s field goal range during a late-game drive, while an at-home viewer could see an NBA player’s shot chart on their table.

The deal’s finances were not made public, though it’s safe to assume that it is ‘in the millions.’ Jayaram further explained that the funds will be put towards developing a tech stack comprised of four pillars.

The first one of which will map fields of play ranging from soccer pitches to golf courses. It would enable Quintar’s tech to locate a user’s phone and what it’s pointing at within inches. This info would then be synced with 3D game stats for display. Third, the company will install its own cameras at venues to produce a video feed for the at-home interactivity. Finally, the startup will also develop infrastructure to offer access to the platform.

Jayaram said that the partners would be announced within months, and the company plans to unveil the first experiences by the end of this year. “We are hoping with what we’re going to be doing this year,” he said. “These experiences on mobile devices will become commonplace next year, and on AR headsets whenever the right ones come out.”

Cowles Company, Assam Ventures, Pragya Ventures, and others also participated in the seed round.

“The sports industry is being transformed by entrepreneurs who are developing new technology to make dynamic, new fan experiences,” SeventySix Capital partner Chad Stender stated. “Our team at SeventySix Capital is thrilled to be backing Jay, Jeff, and the team at Quintar, who are creating a true Augmented Reality technology platform by ingesting statistics, sports betting data, analytics, and video and then presenting it in a way to wow sports fans.”

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