Companies Are Innovating the Cannabis Cultivation Space Using AR
Cannabis Cultivation Space Using AR

Companies Are Innovating the Cannabis Cultivation Space Using AR

Grow Glide has launched a first-of-its-kind immersive, augmented reality experience. It provides cultivators access to the company’s multi-tier, vertical cannabis farming systems virtually.

Grow Glide has partnered with seven leading horticulture lighting companies, including ALDgreen, BIOS, FOSHE, Luxx Lighting, RapidGrow LED, Scynce LED, and ThinkGrow. Users can design their multi-tier grow racks in a 3D environment, regulate the addition of plants and lights on the Grow Glide racks, and then further position the racks in the real world using augmented reality.

“Obviously, we can’t bring our racks to every single cultivator who’d like to see them. Augmented reality allows us to do the next best thing: give cultivators a real-world experience and help them understand that multi-tier cannabis racking is approachable, customizable, and going to help them maximize their ROI,” said Grow Glide CEO Travis Schwartz.

The company has received strong validation from its lighting partners for the project. Schwartz believes that we’ve only scratched the surface of what augmented reality can do in the cannabis space.

“I can tell you, this is the first of many tech ventures we’ve funded in the augmented reality space – Grow Glide will be an industry leader in optimizing cultivation ROI and workflow utilizing this emerging technology,” he added.

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