Using Augmented Reality for Spinal Surgery
Spinal Surgery Using Augmented Reality

Using Augmented Reality for Spinal Surgery

Spine surgery is the last option when non-surgical treatments and medications are not working. Spinal surgery must be precise for a health outcome. To make the surgery precise, there are now new FDA approved AR technology to help surgeons perform precise and faster surgery for a better result.

Surgeons now have an AR device called x-vision; it is a surgical guidance system that allows a surgeon to see through a patient’s skin as if they have an x-ray vision.

“What x-ray vision enables us to do is place screws through tiny poke incisions with 3D visualization of the spine. Place screws in five vertebrae in under half an hour using pre-augmented reality techniques that would often take double that amount of time.” – Frank Phillips, MD, Professor of orthopedics at Midwest Orthopedics at Rush.

CT scans are presented right in front of the doctor in real-time, keeping the doctor’s focus on the patient rather than looking away to see scans on another monitor. The x-vision device enables the surgery to be more precise and efficient.

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