Qualcomm and Microsoft to Jointly Develop Custom Augmented Reality Chips
Custom Augmented Reality Chips

Qualcomm and Microsoft to Jointly Develop Custom Augmented Reality Chips

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Tech giants Qualcomm and Microsoft are joining forces to develop custom augmented reality chips for use in lightweight AR glasses.

Qualcomm has already made enormous progress with its Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform and further plans to integrate it with Microsoft Mesh to help create a ‘metaverse.’ However, the companies did not disclose any information about the timeline of the project.

“We’re announcing that we’re developing a custom augmented reality Snapdragon chip, for next-generation, power-efficient, very lightweight AR glasses for the Microsoft ecosystem, and we’re integrating into that chip platform software from both companies,” said Cristiano Amon, the Chief Executive of Qualcomm.

“We’ve been talking for years about the possibility of having wearable augmented reality devices that will gain scale,” Amon added. “I’m very excited about this partnership. It’s a step in making that a reality and gaining more and more scale with augmented reality.”

At this point, it is not entirely clear if Microsoft or its partners will work on developing the device. The company already has its HoloLens platform, which was built as an augmented reality device while the market was moving towards virtual reality. Microsoft’s partners, including HP and Samsung, essentially followed the company into developing mixed reality platforms that did not fare too well in the market.

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