Perfect Corp. Launches New AI/AR Try-On Tools to Further Expand into Fashion
Perfect Corp. Launches New AIAR Try-On Tools

Perfect Corp. Launches New AI/AR Try-On Tools to Further Expand into Fashion

The augmented reality and artificial intelligence beauty tech company Perfect Corp. announced its expansion into the fashion industry with a set of new 3D virtual try-on effects for products like eyewear and earrings.

“This cross-category development marks a pivotal moment for Perfect Corp., as its award-winning advanced AR and AI technology solutions showcase widespread application and utility to both consumers and brands, across new product categories,” the company stated via a news release.

As per the announcement, the upcoming eyewear tool would replace the conventional multidimensional scanning models with automatic 3D renderings to allow for a live camera preview. As a result, brands can customize eyewear frame sizes and colors and simulate the natural earring movements for the “most true-to-life digital try-on effects possible.”

Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO Alice Chang discussed the new tool’s importance as a potential selling point. “Try-before-you-buy is a concept consumers have come to expect when making confident purchase decisions,” she said. “The updates to Perfect Corp.’s instant 3D renderings and virtual try-on effects makes it easier than ever for brands — be it beauty or fashion — to deliver on that experiential journey across all consumer touchpoints.”

The company recently announced a partnership with Google to release AR beauty try-ons via Google Search. The feature will allow the users to choose between testing the product on various skin tones or “trying it on” themselves using live camera mode right within the search experience. It will feature thousands of eye and lip beauty products from more than 40 beauty brands, including Black Opal, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC Cosmetics, and Estee Lauder.

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