Aequilibrium Aims to Connect Businesses with AR Creators with a New, Intuitive Platform
connect AR creators with relevant businesses

Aequilibrium Aims to Connect Businesses with AR Creators with a New, Intuitive Platform

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The award-winning digital services and consulting provider, Aequilibrium, is on a mission to connect AR creators with relevant businesses to help build personalized, high-impact augmented reality campaigns.

The company aims to deliver exceptional AR services and provide AR creators with a platform to support their work by connecting them with businesses and companies that are yet to explore the full potential of AR.

“At Aequilibrium, we’re all about reinventing how businesses adopt augmented reality. Many businesses don’t have the resources, infrastructure, people, or budgeting tools to accept AR as a technology,” said Aldo Petruzzelli, CEO at Aequilibrium.

Even though augmented reality has rapidly penetrated the enterprise world, research shows that 58% of businesses are still unaware of the benefits of AR or the methods to deploy the tech. Moreover, 77% of companies do not believe that the strategy can offer a strong ROI and reach their customers at scale.

The problem lies on the creator side as well, as they do not have any significant platform to showcase their work and connect with businesses looking to explore the possibilities of AR.

Aequilibrium is developing a streamlined and straightforward way to help businesses understand the benefits of AR and connect with the leading creators in the industry. Their platform is intuitive and easy to use since it is built for companies new to the space. The company is leveraging exciting technology to help businesses meet their goals.

“We have a built-in recommendation engine that highlights relevant AR use cases by industry and business goals,” explained Petruzzelli. “We then recommend features to implement and what creators will be the best fit for development.”

Aequilibrium further offers a flexible transaction-based business model to meet the needs of any business operating at any size or scale. Unlike other bidding systems, the company does not collect any fees from the AR creators. It is helping them attract the top talent across the industry on their platform.

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