Magnetic Mobile Unveils Its Augmented Reality Promotional Platform for eCommerce
Augmented Reality Promotional Platform for eCommerce

Magnetic Mobile Unveils Its Augmented Reality Promotional Platform for eCommerce

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The digital agency focused on creating best-in-class mobile applications, Magnetic Mobile, has unveiled Charge AR, the first-of-its-kind solution to integrate targeted promotional offers within an augmented reality eCommerce experience.

Charge AR enables consumers to view a 3D model of a product within their space and delivers a 3D animation highlighting the retailer’s chosen marketing message. It would allow retailers to showcase discount offers or additional benefits, such as a gift with the purchase. The idea is that displaying the offers with the product will be a much more effective strategy to drive sales. Moreover, retailers can specifically target different discounts for specific customers.

The Charge AR bundle of products and services can help retailers customize the offers according to their goals and target audiences. The platform also supports the creation of multiple offers for the same product to facilitate targeting, segmentation, and A/B testing, helping the retailers maximize conversion and ROI.

“We’re combining proven approaches into a new solution that’s as much about the business as it is about the buzz,” said Brian Sichi, CEO of Magnetic Mobile. “AR is a fun and exciting feature that engages customers. By placing promotional offers in the actual AR scene, marketers can connect the 3D experience to ROI in a tangible, measurable way while optimizing their marketing spend.”

Magnetic Mobile is a Platinum Partner of 3D Cloud™ by Marxent, which delivered a 250% increase in sales conversions for its clients with a 180% increase in the total dollar value of the resulting transactions in 2021 alone. Charge AR clients will also benefit from the 3D Cloud™ platform, helping them deploy large-scale 3D models with better performance and security.

Nevertheless, Magnetic Mobile possesses a formidable track record of combining data-driven design strategy with the latest tech to deliver intuitive digital experiences for its clients. The company has partnered with retailers for nearly a decade to support the digital elements within their go-to-market activities.

Charge AR is an innovative addition to this already robust suite of services to help its clients create and deliver compelling shopping experiences.

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